SimHealth 2012

Welcome to those who attended SimHealth 2012 – I hope you found my poster informative.

This page provides the examples cited in my poster presentation for SimHealth 2012, so that you can look att the issues in-depth. Enjoy!

Motion Sensing

You may have heard of Microsoft Kinect motion sensing. Things have moved well beyond that, including the Leap Motion technology which is about to be available for consumers for under $100. This device is the size of a thumb drive only and delivers this level of motion sensing fidelity:

From a simulation viewpoint, this could allow for students to use fine motor control to directly manipulate objects in the virtual world i.e. pick up and insert an indwelling catheter, remove staples / sutures. This is a markedly superior approach when compared to pressing keys or a mouse to select an avatar’s actions.

Virtual Patients for Psychological Assessment

No matter the focus of a simulation, the more authentic the behaviour of the virtual patient the more effective the outcomes will be. Some of the leading work in this area is being done for the US Department of Defense, as you’ll see here:

Plus more information on this area can be found here

Other Interesting Links

One example of recent developments in human skin rendering in the virtual world

My book chapter on simulation opportunities in virtual worlds (downloadable sample)

If you’re interested in any collaboration in the area, I’d love to hear from you. Please contact me via this contact form.

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