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Activity Increasing!

14768313984_a79b14b57c_oBreak out the brass band as I’m excited to announce this blog is about to receive an uptick in activity.

Nothing’s finalised but it looks like I may be embarking on a podcasting project with an esteemed colleague that will relate directly to the area of virtual worlds, health and education.

Watch this space! And thanks for your patience with the downswing in updates.

Virtual worlds and health: book chapter

I’m a little daunted and excited at the same time to have been selected to write a book chapter on the use of virtual worlds in health-related pursuits. The book’s title is Virtual Worlds and Metaverse Platforms: New Communication and Identity Paradigms and you can find out more about it here. It’s going to be a fairly wide-ranging chapter covering everything from health support, surgical simulation and mental health opportunities and challenges. Like anyone who is involved with an area for a period of time, I feel I have a reasonable grasp of the topic but it goes without saying I have plenty more to learn as well.

That’s the main reason I’m very keen to hear from you if you’re undertaking health-related work in a virtual world. It doesn’t matter what the platform or whether its direct engagement or research – I’m all ears. For me, the success of the book chapter will fall on its ability to illustrate the breadth of work going on whilst providing some empitical underpinnings. That can only occur with your help.

If you’d like to contact me privately, please don’t hesitate to do so here. Otherwise, as always please feel free to mention your work in the comments.

2010 – the year for health and virtual worlds?

A quick post to wish everyone the best for the coming year.

I’ve made some broader predictions for the coming year, but I’m particularly excited about the prospects in regards to health interventions, research or education. It’s still relatively early days, but over the past year I’ve been struck by some of the great work going on in regards to health and I can only see that growing.

Some highlights from 2009 for me:

1. The superb work done by the SLENZ project on midwifery and birthing in Second Life.

2. The fascinating insights of the University of Sydney’s Andrew Campbell on addiction and virtual environments.

3. The perspectives of DeeAnna Nagel and Kate Anthony on psychotherapy in an online environment.

4. The interesting approach taken by a UK company facilitating paramedic training in Second Life.

5. The emerging evidence of the efficacy of virtual environments in nurse education.

I’m looking forward to covering some exciting stories during 2010 and perhaps contributing some research or health work myself. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts or to find out more about your projects.

Here’s to a fruitful 2010!

Introducing: Metaverse Health

I’m really pleased to introduce this sister site to The Metaverse Journal. In the time we’ve been covering virtual worlds, health is one of the key areas that pops up time and time again as both a key opportunity and pivotal challenge.

Whether it be the power of thought-control avatars for those with profound physical disabilities, the spectre of virtual world addiction or sex education for teenagers, there’s no shortage of stories to bring you.

As always, we’re very keen to hear your thoughts or feedback.