2014 In Review

Apologies for more of an introspective post. This year has been a hectic one from the viewpoint of my PhD progress, let alone anything else.

The biggest milestone was successfully completing my ‘first year’ proposal review. This involved standing up in front of my supervisors, the Head of Postgraduate Studies (HPS) and any other academics and peers who may chose to attend (which a number kindly did). It can be a stressful event, but some decent preparation and a very supportive supervision team and HPS turned it into a great learning experience that has widened my view considerably of the approach I can take to my research. So very happy on this count.

IMG_3196Another key achievement was presenting my work to date (which is essentially a review of the literature in relation to virtual worlds/environments and clinical simulation) at the SimGHOSTS conference at the University of the Sunshine Coast. I was surprised at how many people attended for the concurrent session and I also really enjoyed talking to a number of people afterwards who had some great insights. The other big moment for me here was seeing the astounding simulation facilities USC has, now managed to a large extent by one of my excellent supervisors.

On the thesis front, my literature review is shaping up well and I’ve finally decided on a platform to write the full thesis. I’ve chosen Scrivener, which I’ve used for a while for fiction work but I’ve now realised it’s well set up for a thesis and even has some EndNote integration. It also eliminates a key area of procrastination, so I’m pretty excited to be nailing lot more words in 2015.

Finally, I’ve also (thanks to a great supervisor) been given the opportunity to tutor a 3rd year nursing subject for 13 weeks.I started the PhD because I wanted to work in the teaching / education area more and this is a first step I’m very pumped about.

Here’s to a 2015 where the Oculus Rift is finally released (please!!) and a big thank you to those of you still following this blog. I’d love to hear about your goings-on in the comments if you had the time.

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