Diving In

maze-smhIt’s been a positive 12 months in regard to my research – although none of the actual data collection has started and it’s probably a while off yet before it does.  That said, I made some serious inroads into understand the body of literature surrounding virtual environments and clinical simulation.

I’ve also submitted my first journal article on the topic – it’s a ‘state of play’ article with a focus on what needs to occur to convince educators that virtual environments can be a key component in their simulation arsenal. The article reviewers have given some great feedback and the final version should be submitted in the next week. Then it’s on to getting the first draft of my lit review structured and written.

It’s been a rewarding year on two other fronts. First, I have three great supervisors who are very committed to the research area and have been a huge help so far. Second, I’ve had some great chats with the developer who’ll be helping me build the simulation. We’re actually setting up a site to record our journey, which I’ll obviously flag here when it’s ready to go.

For those of you still beavering away in the field – I hope it’s a rewarding year for you!

[Image via smh.com.au]


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